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In case you want to review anything you learnt at this school before, please visit these other websites:

Básico 1
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Básico 1
· (new book) comenzó a construirse el día 01/07/2013 y sigue en construcción.
Básico 2
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Básico 2
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Intermedio 1
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María Ángeles A.

Si quieres conocer a personas online interesadas como tú en aprender y practicar otro idioma (en tu caso inglés) y hablar con ellos a través del ordenador puedes darte de alta en:
http://www.busuu.com/es (va por niveles de conocimiento de inglés)

Otra página que también es interesante para que puedas practicar inglés es:

Existen otras páginas que aunque cobren, se puede disfrutar de muchos recursos que ofrecen gratis:
https://es.verbling.com/ (se puede asistir a clases gratis sólo como oyente).
http://www.italki.com/ (la idea de esta web es parecida a busuu, sobre todo viene bien para practicar el escrito).
https://www.couchsurfing.org/ (la utiliza mucha gente para alojarse gratis en casas, quedar con gente, etc. pero que puede usarse para también practicar el idioma ya que puedes quedar con angloparlantes que vienen a visitar tu ciudad, les haces un poco de compañía unas horas, le enseñas la ciudad y así practicas tu inglés “gratis”.)



Unit 1

Unit 1A
present simple / continuous; action- and non-action verbs
food and cooking
long and short vowel sounds
Food and eating; restaurants
Food and eating; interview
Mood food
Unit 1B
future forms: present continuous, going to, will/ won't
family, adjectives of personality
sentence stress, word stress, adjective endings
Family; birth order
Radio programme; birth order
Younger brother or only child
Practical English
Meeting the parents

Unit 2

Unit 2A
present perfect and past simple
the letter o
Are you a spender of a saver?; money and business
Are you a spender or a saver?; six people answer
Are you a spender or a saver?; The millionaire with a secret
Unit 2B
present perfect + for / since; present perfect continuous
strong adjectives: exhausted, amazed, etc.
sentence rhythm, stress on strong adjectives
How long have you ...?
a trip; a challenge
TV presenter's Amazon challenge
Revise and Check 1&2
In the street

Unit 3

Unit 3A
comparatives and superlatives
/ʃ/, /dʒ/ and /tʃ/
Transport - do you agree with the statements?
Top Gear ChallengeDangerous driving - a safety expert
Top Gear Challenge - boat, bike, and car
Unit 3B
articles: a/an, the, no article
collocations: verbs / adjectives + prepositions
/ə/, sentence stress, /ðə/ or /ðɪ/
Who's the most talkative?
Talk for two minutes about...
Men and women: stereotypes or true?
Comando Dad - a discussion
Men talk just as much as women
Practical English
A difficult celebrity

Unit 4

Unit 4A
can, could, be able to, reflexive pronouns
-ed / -ing adjectives
sentence stress
Topics to talk about
Speaking other languages
Tips for learning English
Six advanced learners of English give tips
He's English but he can speak eleven languages
Unit 4B
modals of obligation: must, have to, should, should have
phone language
silent consonants, linking
You and your phone questionnaireGood or bad manners?
the difference between Russian and British manners
Mother-in-law or daughter-in-law from hell?
Revise and Check 3&4
In the street

Unit 5

Unit 5A
past tenses: simple / continuous / perfect
/ɔ:/ and /ɜ:/
Do you like sport? questionnaire; telling anecdotes
Football referee interview
If I bounce the ball five times...
Unit 5B
used to / usually
linking, the letter s
Friends discussion
Radio discussion about Facebook
Love at Exit 19
Practical English
Old friends

Unit 6

Unit 6A
passives (all tenses)
sentence stress
The Cinema interview
You are standing in the place where...
Unit 6B
modals of deduction: might, can't, must
the body
Social networking profile pictures
The man in the photopraph
What does your profile picture say about you?
Appearance matters
Revise and Check 5&6
In the street

Unit 7

Unit 7A
first conditional and future time clauses + when, until, etc. make and let
the letter u
Your education questionnaire
Debating education
Were (are) your parents strict?
School for boys
Do you want to practise for five hours or six?
Unit 7B
second conditional
sentence stress
Your dream house
Four American architecture students describe their dream house
Tchaikovsky's house
Practical English
Boys' night out

Unit 8

Unit 8A
reported speech: sentences and questions
shopping, non building
the letters ai
Shopping questionnaireWhen did you complain?
Radio consumer programme about bad service
The King of Complainers
Unit 8B
gerunds and infinitives
word stress
Asking and answering questions about workPresent your product to the Dragons
Two special products from Dragons' Den
In the Dragons' Den
Revise and Check 7&8
In the street

Unit 9

Unit 9A
third conditional
making adjectives and adverbs
sentence stress
The student and the angel
A question of luck - THe Beatles and Bill Gates
The ticket inspector
A question of luck?
Unit 9B
quantifiers, separable phrasal verbs
electronic devices
ough and augh, linking
Do you suffer from information overload?
The winter of our disconnect
information overload
Practical English
Unexpected questions

Unit 10

Unit 10A
relative clauses: defining and non-defining
compound nouns
word stress
Icons you admire
Great British design icons
Steve Jobs
Unit 10B
question tags
intonation in question tags

Interview with a Jack the Ripper expertThe Case for the Defence, part 3
The Case for the Defence, parts 1 and 2
Revise and Check 9&10
In the street

Use of English:

Verb tenses
Here you will find all possible tenses for all the different levels you can study at this school.